Since August, MRG has been assisting Afghan minority activists and staff from our partner organizations as their lives and their work came under threat with the return of the Taliban. We need your help.

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Minority Rights Group International campaigns worldwide with around 130 partners in over 60 countries to ensure that disadvantaged minorities and indigenous peoples, often the poorest of the poor, can make their voices heard.

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Stolen Fish

The "smiling coast" - as Gambians call their country - gets a bit less smiling when confronted with exploitation of its marine resources, degradation of the environment, corruption and hardships it creates in people's daily lives.


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Minority and Indigenous Trends 2021: Focus on COVID-19

Our annual report primarily focuses on minority and indigenous communities and their experiences during COVID-19. But we also turn our gaze inward briefly. In seeking to come to terms with the loss and the trauma inflicted by the pandemic, it is incumbent on us all to extract the painful lessons emerging from this experience to be better prepared for similar crises in future.

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